Pointless MUGEN Quadruple Elimination Tournament


Pointless MUGEN Quadruple Elimination Tournament




In this tournament each player would choose one character to start with. Upon losing a match, they would lose one of four "lives" and be offered the chance to replace their character with a different one. The goal was to create a format where no one would have a reason to complain about the characters they chose, since they could always switch them out for a new one. This makes the "Entrants" list a bit cluttered as there are characters that only appear for one match before being ditched.

While the character replacement gimmick didn't work out and hasn't been revisited, this tournament did provide inspiration to the "Quintuple Elimination" and "Q.E. (Rev. A)" tournaments.

You can click the tournament name above to go to the complete Playlist, use the "Entrants" tab to see exactly who's in this thing, or use the "Matches" tab to seek out specific matches.


  1. Dante
  2. Kensuke Kudou
  3. Another Blood K
  4. Thunder Megazord
  5. Duke Nukem V2
  6. Jackie Chan [Drunken Fist]
  7. Raidou
  8. Inuyasha
  9. Roll
  10. Sandman
  11. Faust
  12. Sunstreaker
  13. Lord Zedd
  14. Haggar (CvW)
  15. Eriol
  16. SSJ4 Gogeta
  17. Chipp
  18. King [A]
  19. Captain Falcon
  20. Hikaru
  21. Nero
  22. Haruhi Suzumiya
  23. Wing Gundam [Endless Duel]
  24. Mamiya [Fatal K.O. Disabled]
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