Arbitrary MUGEN Tournament 2


Arbitrary MUGEN Tournament 2



ENTRANTS: 9 Teams of 3

A sequel to the original Arbitrary Tournament, in which the rules would change every Round. While the first Arbitrary Tournament was almost completely ad-libbed, this was slightly more structured; while I didn't know exactly what I would do or when I would do it, I planned on having an equal number of Singles, Turns, and Simul rulesets going into the finale. So while things are still crazy, it's more balanced between the three main formats instead of being primarily Turns based like the original.

You can click the tournament name above to go to the complete Playlist, use the "Entrants" tab to see exactly who's in this thing, or use the "Matches" tab to seek out specific matches.


  1. Wrasslers and a Politician (Pizza.1): Haggar [MvC3], Skullomania [CvtW], Master Barnes
  2. Very Arbitrary Team (Pizza.2): Raidou [New], G Project, Shiki [AI]
  3. Old Faces and a Reject (Pizza.3): Shinji-San, Shaq, Angus
  4. Team Evil (Lapin.1): Diablo, Shang Tsung [MK2], Janemba
  5. Team B (Lapin.2): Tiki, Midknight, Mr. Big
  6. Old Team (Lapin.3): Detective Garret Laurel, Robin Mask, Movie Guile
  7. Tomba.1: Popeye, Opera Elmer, Daos
  8. Tomba.2: Goddamn Batman, Senator Lieberman, Duke
  9. Never Again (Tomba.3): Mari, Happosai, Chester Cheetah


ROUND 1 (Standard Singles)

Det. Laurvel VS Shinji_San
Robin_Mask VS Shaq
Movie Guile VS Angus

ROUND 2 (Standard Simul)

Haggar + Skullomania + Master Barnes VS Tiki + Midknight + Mr. Big 96
Raidou + G Project + Shiki VS Goddman Batman + Senator Lieberman + Duke
Popeye + Opera Elmer + Daos VS Diablo + Shang Tsung + Janemba
Mari + Happosai + Chester Cheetah VS Shinji_San + Shaq + Angus

LOSER'S BRACKET 1 (Simul Gibberish)

Diablo + Shang Tsung VS Det. Laurel + Robin_Mask
Janemba + Random VS Movie Guile + Random

LOSER'S BRACKET 2 (Singles-Random Opponents)

Haggar VS ????
Shinji-San VS ????
Skullomania [CvW] VS ????
Shaq VS ????
Master Barnes VS ????
Angus VS ????
Haggar + Skullomania + Master Barnes VS Shinji-San + Shaq + Angus

Raidou [New] VS ????
Det. Laurel VS ????
G Project VS ????
Robin Mask VS ????
Shiki [SvC] VS ????
Movie Guile VS ????
Raidou + G Project + Shiki VS Det. Laurel + Robin Mask + Movie Guile

ROUND 3 (Standard Turns)

Mari, Happosai, Chester Cheetah VS Tiki, Midknight, Mr. Big 96
Goddman Batman, Senator Lieberman, Duke VS Popeye, Opera Elmer, Daos

LOSER'S BRACKET 3 (Singles-Wheel of Fate)

Popeye VS Haggar???
Opera Elmer VS Skullomania???
Daos VS Master Barnes???
Tiki VS Det. Laurel???
Midknight VS Robin Mask???
Mr. Big VS Movie Guile???


Det. Laurel + Robin Mask + Movie Guile VS Haggar + Skullomania + Master Barnes

NORMAL FINAL (Turns-Survival Mode)

Mari, Happosai, Chester Cheetah SURVIVAL
Goddman Batman, Senator Liberman, Duke SURVIVAL

LOSER'S BRACKET FINAL (Turns-Random Partner)

Mari, Happosai, Chester Cheetah Scorpion [CvW] VS Haggar, Skullomania, Master Barnes, Ninja Turtles

GRAND FINALE (Three Stages of Hell)

Goddman Batman VS Mari
Senator Lieberman VS Happosai
Duke VS Chester Cheetah
Goddman Batman + Senator Lieberman VS Mari + Happosai
Duke + ???? VS Chester Cheetah + ????
Goddman Batman + Senator Lieberman + Duke + DEATHMATCH VS Mari + Happosai + Chester Cheetah + DEATHMATCH
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