MUGEN Swiss Tournament 2


MUGEN Swiss Tournament 2




Sequel to the first Swiss MUGEN Tournament, with even more characters and an overall stronger Power Level. As usual, there are no eliminations and characters earn points for each Round that they knock-out their opponent. Late in the tournament I screwed up the point totals and messed up the entire bracket, leading to several "incorrect" matches...the wrong matches are still listed along with the corrected ones under the Matches Tab, since they were part of this tournament.

You can click the tournament name above to go to the Playlist, use the "Entrants" tab to see exactly who's in this thing, or use the "Matches" tab to seek out specific matches.


  1. Dragon Claw
  2. Ingrid [MB]
  3. The Griffon
  4. Shin Akuma [CVS, AI Patched]
  5. Umbreon
  6. Maria Renard
  7. Remelia Scarlet
  8. Seikimatu Guile
  9. Shuma-Gorath
  10. Ruby Heart [Beximus]
  11. Anakaris
  12. Nanaya Shiki
  13. Hawk [Best of Best]
  14. Petra Johana Lagerkvist-E
  15. Shanoa
  16. Battousai
  17. Toguro 100%
  18. Epyon [Endless Duel]
  19. Ohga
  20. Vegeta Z2
  21. Hatsune Miku
  22. Sakura [All Cards]
  23. Morrigan [MVC, Lillith Mode]
  24. Super Bass
  25. Millia Rage
  26. Flandre Scarlet
  27. Fou-Lu
  28. Cassandra
  29. Piccolo Daimaoh
  30. The Kung Fu Man
  31. Byakuren
  32. Luke Skywalker [DJHR]



Dragon Claw VS Ingrid [Melty Blood]
Shuma-Gorath VS Ruby Heart
Toguro 100% VS Epyon
Millia Rage VS Flandre Scarlet
The Griffon VS Shin Gouki [AI Patched]
Anakaris VS Shiki Nanaya
Ohga VS Vegeta Z2
Fou-Lu VS Cassandra
Umbreon VS Maria
Hawk (Best of Best) VS Petra
Miku VS Sakura
King Piccolo VS The KFM
Remilia VS Guile
Shanoa VS Battousai
Morrigan [Lillith] VS Super Bass
Byakuren VS Luke Skywalker


Morrigan [Lillith] VS Luke Skywalker
Umbreon VS Petra
Hawk VS Shanoa
Hatsune Miku VS Seikimatu Guile
Piccolo Daimao VS Battousai
Epyon VS The Griffon
Byakuren VS Ruby Heart
Ingrid_MB VS Shiki Nanaya
Dragon Claw VS The Kung-Fu Man
Super Bass VS Toguro 100%
Shuma Gorath VS Flandre Scarlet
Sakura [All Clow Cards] VS Remilia Scarlet
Anakaris VS Vegeta Z2
Millia Rage VS Shin Gouki
Fou-lu VS Maria
Ohga VS Cassandra


Shiki VS Toguro 100%
Anakaris VS Byakuren
Millia VS Ruby Heart
The Griffon VS Morrigan [Lillith Mode]
Ohga VS Seikimatu Guile
Shuma Gorath VS Shanoa
Battousai VS Remilia Scarlet
Hawk VS Maria
Shin Gouki VS Hatsune Miku
Flandre Scarlet VS The Kung-Fu Man
Fou-Lu VS Luke Skywalker
Ingrid_MB VS Super Bass
Vegeta Z2 VS Dragon Claw
Sakura [All Cards] VS Epyon
Petra VS Cassandra
Umbreon VS Piccolo Daimao


Millia VS Ohga
Vegeta Z2 VS Remilia
Maria VS Flandre
Shiki Nanaya VS Super Bass
Dragon Claw VS Epyon
Ingrid_MB VS Hawk
Shuma Gorath VS The Griffon
Cassandra VS Battousai
Petra VS The Kung-Fu Man
Shin Gouki VS Shanoa
Fou-Lu VS Byakuren
Toguro 100% VS Ruby Heart
Piccolo Daimao VS Seikimatu Guile
Umbreon VS Hatsune Miku
Luke Skywalker VS Sakura [All Cards]
Morrigan VS Anakaris


Epyon VS Ingrid
The Kung-Fu Man VS Hawk
Shuma Gorath VS Super Bass
Ohga VS Ruby Heart
Umbreon VS Fou-Lu
Anakaris VS Sakura [All Cards]
Vegeta Z2 VS Morrigan [Lillith Mode]
Byakuren VS Hatsune Miku
Maria VS The Kung-Fu Man
Fou-Lu VS Hawk
Ohga VS Piccolo Daimao
Ruby Heart VS Hatsune Miku
Byakuren VS Umbreon
Piccolo Daimao VS Maria Renard
Remilia Scarlet VS The Griffon
Shanoa VS Petra
Shin Gouki VS Battousai
Millia Rage VS Shiki Nanaya
Dragon Claw VS Luke Skywalker
Flandre Scarlet VS Cassandra
Seikimatu Guile VS Toguro 100%


Shuma Gorath VS Shiki Nanaya
The Kung Fu Man VS Hatsune Miku
Super Bass VS Ruby Heart
Epyon VS Luke Skywalker
Toguro 100% VS Ohga
Maria VS Battousai
Ingrid VS Millia
Dragon Claw VS Sakura [All Cards]
Vegeta Z2 VS Umbreon
Anakaris VS Shin Gouki
Morrigan [Lilith Mode] VS Remillia Scarlet
Shanoa VS Fou-Lu
Piccolo Daimao VS Byakuren
Petra VS The Griffon
Hawk VS Flandre Scarlet
Seikimatu Guile VS Cassandra

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