Short 4 Person Turns Tournament


Short 4 Person Turns Tournament



ENTRANTS: 8 Teams of 4

After getting burnt out creating hundreds of Example Videos and tournaments that lasted several hours, I hastily threw together this small tournament to unwind a bit and show-off the God Emperors team: Shuma-Gorath, Emperor, Pyron, and Fou-Lu. I was positive this team would win and felt slightly guilty about building such a great group before the tournament even started...things did not go as planned.

You can click the tournament name above to go to the complete Playlist, use the "Entrants" tab to see exactly who's in this thing, or use the "Matches" tab to seek out specific matches.


  1. Milan Flare, Jamm, Death Adder, Golden Axe
  2. Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Hatsune Miku
  3. Cirno, White Len (CPU), Vivi, Bridget [AC]
  4. Nu-13, Deathscythe, Kamen Rider Blade, Sakura [All Cards]
  5. Lord Magneto, Shao Kahn [Playable], Gill, Rugal [2002]
  6. Parace, Spy-Dama, Wonder Momo, Road Runner
  7. Shuma-Gorath, Emperor, Pyron, Fou-Lu
  8. The Void, Richter Belmont, Vegeta Z2, Mr. Heart
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