Short 4 Person Turns Tournament #2


Short 4 Person Turns Tournament #2



ENTRANTS: 8 Teams of 4

The official sequel to the first Short 4 Person Turns Mode Tournament. Even though this tournament was created almost a year and a half after the first one, very little actually changed--it used the same Tier Level and it was created to show off some new characters who failed to win the tournament. At least Saya and Venom had better showings than the ill-fated God Emperors team.

You can click the tournament name above to go to the complete Playlist, use the "Entrants" tab to see exactly who's in this thing, or use the "Matches" tab to seek out specific matches.


  1. Team Dark (Kit): Shadow, Gill, Rolento [CVS], Toguro 100%
  2. We Will Consume All (Pizza): Nrvnqsr Chaos, Venom [Kong], Charlotte, Saya
  3. Cosmic: Henri, Tetsu, Divine Psylocke, Boss Sagat
  4. EL: Kenshin Uesugi, Char's Zaku, Serena [Guardian Heroes], Crocodile
  5. zackstrife: Advent Cirno, Agrias [Random Job], Kamen Rider Kaixa, Haku=Len
  6. Team Yo Mama (Fake): Hatsune Miku, Asashina Mikuru, Final Dio, Kenshiro
  7. End of the World (Cyanic): Vivi, Flandre Scarlet, Robo-Ky Mk.III, Madoka
  8. TEAM CAPS LOCK (Pyro): Jotaro, Kamen Rider Blade, Kuwabara, Falcon [Mini]
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