MUGEN 4v4 Turns Tournament -- EVERYONE WINS


MUGEN 4v4 Turns Tournament -- EVERYONE WINS



ENTRANTS: 8 Teams of 4

A spin-off of the Short 4v4 Turns Tournament series. Each of the four Players picked eight characters that were then divided onto random teams, in such a way that one character from each Player was on each team. So that no matter what happened, some of your picks would be in every match.

You can click the tournament name above to go to the complete Playlist, use the "Entrants" tab to see exactly who's in this thing, or use the "Matches" tab to seek out specific matches.


  1. Chipp, Psyqhical, Ken HD [Hans], J_Saber
  2. Dr. Gero, Nameless [KoF], Venom [GG], Sahad
  3. Rainbow Dash, Potemkin, Ohga, Dio
  4. Millia, Dedede, Cracker Jack, Sub-Zero [CvW]
  5. Jinx, Tuxedo Mask, Queen Thiele, Faust
  6. Sonic Blast Man, Fluttershy, Genkai [Old], Johnny
  7. Voltz, Bridget, Sayaka, Grimace
  8. Dink, Knuckles, Slayer, Ando
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