MUGEN 2v2 Turns Mode Tournament


MUGEN 2v2 Turns Mode Alternate Tournament



ENTRANTS: 32 Teams of 2 (Kinda)

A spin-off of the MUGEN 2v2 Turns Mode Tournament in which a few teams are replaced or altered and any new matches were filmed. In general, repeat matches from the main bracket were skipped over and the new matches were uploaded haphazardly. It's virtually impossible to keep track of anything that happens here, but there are some good matches mixed in. Due to the erratic nature of this incomplete "tournament", matches are not sorted by Rounds.


  1. Asellus, Hikaru
  2. Other Geese, Other Nightmare
  3. Eri Hasumi, Makendo
  4. W-G-Z-C, Sailor Neptune
  5. Blackheart HD, Warachia [Rajaa]
  6. Shenlong, E. Honda
  7. Kizaru, Joseph Joestar
  8. Serena [Max AI], Neva
  9. Bai-Hu, Squall
  10. Twilight Sparkle, Cinnamon
  11. Kikyo EX, Inuyasha
  12. Anzu, SF3 Ken
  13. Segalow, Goenitz
  14. Neo, Sephiroth
  15. W.Krauser, C. Falcon
  16. Ken HD, Ken MvC3
  17. Bass.EXE, Astro
  18. Kaede Hioh, Aoko [Rajaa]
  19. Ryu Hoshi, War
  20. Senator Lieberman, Sub-Zero [MKII]
  21. Mercurius, Shin Gouki
  22. Madoka, Sakura [Cat]
  23. Kikyo EX, Inuyasha
  24. Mega Man Full Power, Zero [SVC]
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