M.U.G.E.N. Tournament: The Zeta Experiment


M.U.G.E.N. Tournament: The Zeta Experiment




16 entrants, 3 tournaments, 72 matches, and some really confusing rules. Instead of trying to summarize this, I'm just going to copy the rules as written in the topic itself.

1: Pick any TWO unclaimed characters from the Approved List. We're looking for 8 Players and 16 characters.

2: The 16 characters will be divided into two Groups. For the first week, characters will battle all other members of their group in a Round Robin format.

3: After everyone has fought all the other members of their group, they are seeded into a Single Elimination Tournament. The highest scoring character from the first group VS The lowest scoring character from the second, and so on, so that every match in the first round is between the two groups and that higher scores get you better bracket placements.

4: Once the bracket has been finalized, there will be a 48 hour pause so that Players may submit bracket predictions. Try using what you learned from the Round Robin tournaments to guess who will win!

4a: The player with the best prediction wins the right to decide my next tournament*! You can set the Tier Level, the format, ban any characters you want. I only ask that it feature no more than 128 matches and that you don't demand I spend more than 10 hours on prep work--evaluating characters, organizing lists, anything that must be done prior to putting up sign-ups.


  1. Aner Rolange
  2. Rotom
  3. Sakura [School]
  4. General Blue
  5. Mayura
  6. Tao-Jun
  7. Char's Z'Gok
  8. Dlanor A Knox
  9. Jack Frost
  10. Evil Kung Fu Man Mk. II
  11. Sektor
  12. Hiper Michael Jackson
  13. Maria Traydor
  14. Setsuna
  15. Date Masamune
  16. Noel



Aner VS Dlanor
Rotom VS Z'Gok
Sakura VS Tao-Jun
General Blue VS Mayura

Jack Frost VS Noel
Evil Kung-Fu VS Date Masamune
Sektor VS Setsuna
Hiper Jackson VS Maria Traydor


Z'Gok VS Aner
Tao-Jun VS Dlanor
Mayura VS Rotom
General Blue VS Sakura

Date Masamune VS Jack Frost
Setsuna VS Noel
Maria VS Evil Kung Fu Man
Hiper Jackson VS Sektor


Aner VS Tao-Jun
Z'Gok VS Mayura
Dlanor VS Blue
Rotom VS Sakura

Jack Frost VS Setsuna
Date Masamune VS Maria Traydor
Noel VS Hiper Jackson
Evil KFM VS Sektor


Mayura VS Aner
General Blue VS Tao-Jun
Sakura VS Char's Z'Gok
Rotom VS Dlanor A Knox

Maria Traydor VS Jack Frost
Hiper Jackson VS Setsuna
Sektor VS Date Masamune
Evil KFM VS Noel


Aner VS Blue
Mayura VS Sakura
Tao Jun VS Rotom
Z'Gok VS Dlanor

Jack Frost VS Hiper Jackson
Maria VS Sektor
Setsuna VS Evil Kung Fu Man
Date Masamune VS Noel


Sakura VS Aner
Rotom VS General Blue
Dlanor VS Mayura
Char's Z'Gok VS Tao Jun

Sektor VS Jack Frost
Evil Kung Fu Man MkII VS Hiper Jackson
Noel VS Maria Traydor
Date Masamune VS Setsuna


Aner VS Rotom
Sakura VS Dlanor
General Blue VS Char's Z'Gok
Mayura VS Tao-Jun

Jack Frost VS Evil KFM
Sektor VS Noel
Hiper Jackson VS Masamune
Maria Traydor VS Setsuna


Dlanor A Knox VS Hiper Jackson
Aner Rolange VS Evil Kung Fu Man Mk.II
Mayura VS Setsuna
Z'Gok VS Noel
Sektor VS Sakura
Maria Traydor VS General Blue
Jack Frost VS Tao Jun
Date Masamune VS Rotom


Dlanor VS Aner
Mayura VS Char's Z'Gok
Sektor VS Maria Traydor
Tao Jun VS Date Masamune

DAY 10

Dlanor VS Mayura
Sektor VS Date Masamune

DAY 11

Battle for third place: Mayura VS Date Masamune
FINAL BATTLE: Dlanor A Knox VS Sektor
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