M.U.G.E.N. 4v4 Turns Mode Tournament, now without subtitles


M.U.G.E.N. 4v4 Turns Mode Tournament, now without subtitles



ENTRANTS: 8 Teams of 4

A short 4-on-4 Turns Tournament that spun off two and a half alternate tournaments: a "Simul Variant", an "Alternate Turns Variant", and three matches from an Alternate Alternate Simul that can be found under the Bonus Matches tab.

You can click the tournament name above to go to the complete Playlist, use the "Entrants" tab to see exactly who's in this thing, or use the "Matches" tab to seek out specific matches.


  1. Lapin.1: Tails [Veanko], Elias Patrick, Psylocke, Rasetsumaru
  2. There Will Be Blood (Lapin.2): Shishimaru, Blizzard, Shinobi X, Genjuro
  3. 3 Chix & a Drunkard (Cosmic): Shimo, Kohaku, Maria Traydor, Cid Highwind
  4. Pizza.1: Tomoe Mami [otz-kai], Necro, Gouki 3rd SGM, Geese [Iaiso_7]
  5. Pizza.2: Doctrine Dark, Lucario, Guile [AI Patched], Wyler XI Ver
  6. Dumbest Names (Fake.1): Jiemeihua, Dirtyfat, Requiem Giorno, Medicine Melancholy
  7. Other Team (Fake.2): Tatsuki Arisawa, Taiga, Kars, Roa [Kamekaze]
  8. EL: Charlotte, Shanoa, Richter Belmont, Alucard
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